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Memorial Baptist Church represents a merger of the Hebron Baptist Church of Seekonk and the Memorial Baptist Church of Pawtucket. The Hebron Baptist Church the older of the two, organized in 1827 as the Hebron Religious Society.   In 1842 the name changed to the Hebron Church also called the Union Church due to an interdenominational character. A new and larger building was completed in 1871, only to be destroyed by fire four year later, the members were challenged to build another building, which was completed in 1875.

In 1867 a group from Central Falls, Rhode Island moved into the Pleasant View section of Pawtucket, Rhode Island to organize Sunday school classes for residents there. By 1880 the Sunday school outgrew its quarters and a new chapel was erected on Fountain Street soon recognized as the Pleasant View Baptist Church. An addition to the building was completed in 1887. In 1927 a lightening strike to the steeple virtually destroyed the building. Like the Hebron Church 50 years earlier, the congregation rallied to dedicate themselves to the task of rebuilding and the work went forward.

In the years that followed, there were many developing similarities in the two churches. Both churches were affiliated with the Rhode Island Baptist State Convention and the American Baptist Convention. The Hebron Church became the Hebron Baptist Church and the Pleasant View Church became the Memorial Baptist Church. Each church continued on through the years, seemingly on parallel roads, until the early 1950's when the roads began slowly to converge.

In 1952 the Hebron Baptist Church purchased the Kent estate and named it Friendship House. At the time the Pawtucket area was anticipating the construction of a new interstate highway (Route 95). The Memorial Church was in the direct path. Plans for the eventual merger progressed rapidly as the two churches engaged in conversation. In January, 1961 the two congregations began meeting in united services at the Hebron Baptist Church. In March of the same year, the formal merger was completed and the building committee was appointed to develop plans for a new church. The location was decided upon, 340 Central Avenue Seekonk, Massachusetts. Even though the Church was located in Massachusetts it is still a member of the American Baptist Churches of Rhode Island. Our present church was completed and the first services were held on the day of dedication March 31, 1963.

Memorial Baptist Church has continued its vision and program of Christian witness to the community; constantly seeking new ways to minister to a parish which encompasses several communities. The Church is affiliated with several denominational and interdenominational organizations including: The American Baptist Churches, U.S.A, the American Baptist Churches of Rhode Island and the Attleboro Area Council of Churches.

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