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For more info or to schedule an appointment, contact 508-761-5142 or

Please note, that while our Pastoral Care team does everything in its power to help those who come to us in need, due to our limited resources, certain aspects of our ministry are limited to MBC Seekonk Church members. However, we make every effort to provide alternatives to nonmembers if this situation arises.


Pastoral Care is focused on helping people—who are experiencing personal, marital, and spiritual challenges—overcome their struggles using Biblically-based practices. The staff is comprised of lay Christians; individual and group sessions are available through appointment.


The MBC Seekonk Chaplaincy Ministry provides emotional and spiritual care to those in need within the congregation’s membership during serious illness, high-risk pregnancy, loss of a loved one, homelessness, divorce, and other life-altering events.


Pastoral Care provides compassionate support to those dealing with the pain of losing a loved one. The team is trained to not only help with the grieving and healing process, but to assist with the planning of funeral and memorial services as well.


Dedicating your baby is a public testimony of your intent to raise your child in the Christian faith, with the hope that he or she will one day make a personal commitment to Christ as their Savior.


If you’re interested in getting baptized, or just curious, you are on the right track. Baptism literally means to be immersed in water. It is a physical act of obedience by which a person identifies himself or herself with Jesus’ death, burial, and Resurrection.  Baptism services are held several times each year and candidates are asked to attend a pre-baptismal class.


The Pastoral Care department’s goal is to connect people with resources and/or resource providers in the community when the current need and situation is outside of MBC SEEKONK'S ability to fully meet it. A comprehensive database is maintained of organizations and ministries that provide assistance to individuals and families related to the following needs:

  • Food banks

  • Professional counseling

  • Treatment programs

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