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Life doesn’t come with instructions.

We’ve been helping people navigate the complexity of relationships, parenting, finances and faith for over twenty-four years. 

We know you want to get it right.

We believe you can.
We want to help. Come join us !!!


Men's Groups


Woman's Groups

Image by Katie Moum

Groups for Everyone

 Life groups are gatherings of individuals within a Christian community who meet regularly to discuss, study, and apply biblical principles to their daily lives. These groups often focus on building relationships, supporting one another, and growing in faith together through prayer, worship, and Bible study. life groups can be led by a pastor, a lay leader, or a member of the group, and can vary in size from a few people to several dozen. The goal of small groups is to provide a supportive, intimate environment where members can grow in their faith and develop deeper relationships with one another and with God.

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