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Our Children’s Ministry, is where we provide an age-appropriate, progressive worship experience for our young leaders who will be leading our churches tomorrow. Every weekend, hundreds of children from newborn to 8th grade join us for an amazing adventure of movement, friendship, and learning. We utilize the modern, Biblically focused O Curriculum in our classrooms as we facilitate a safe, exciting environment while partnering with families in raising the next generation.


While parents experience the adult services, they can rest assured that their babies and toddlers are receiving the utmost personal care in a safe and nurturing environment that caters to each child’s individual needs. Our First Look curriculum is inviting, fun, and explores God’s love for this age group, while our qualified volunteer team joyfully creates a positive church experience that introduces infants and toddlers to a love for Jesus early on.


Students from kindergarten–5th grade, (K-2nd grades: JUNIOR; 3rd-5th grades: SENIOR) have the opportunity to participate in our Elementary classroom each weekend. Here, we utilize our 252 Basics curriculum to teach our young leaders how to grow up just like Jesus as found in Luke 2:52. The experience here includes music, dancing, games, “kidz-led” worship, laughter, and interactive lessons. Hey kids, come ready to sing, dance, play fun games, read amazing Bible stories, earn prizes, and grow in a relationship with God and with each other!

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